The Creators of Bolivia’s Everyday Water War

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Last August we decided to reveal the face of Marcela, one of our main characters, who will bring you down through the path of the Water War. But Bolivia’s everyday water war is a collective story, where the strain, the deprivations and the victories of three protagonists are crossed with the life and the ideals of more than 20 interviewees. Our main goal is to paint the most exhaustive picture that we could, because fulfilling the human right to water can be a very insidious goal.

However, some face will not be shown in the webdoc: the men who’ve spent freezing mornings wandering the Andean altiplano and sleepless nights putting everything together. The hands who rocked this cradle. The authors of Bolivia’s everyday water war.
Michele Bertelli (@MikeBertelli) is a freelance journalist and videomaker. He has covered stories for media outlets like Al Jazeera, El País, Der Spiegel, Die Zeit, Vice and Repubblica TV. He is interested in unconventional stories, migration and economic development, and has spent the last couple of years focusing on webdocs and online video formats. He’s currently living in Rome, where he produces videos for the Italian Parliament, still listening to noisy music and keeping his backpack ready.

Felix Lill (@FelixLill) is a German freelance journalist who moved from London to Tokyo after the 2012 Olympics. Now dividing his life mainly between Berlin and Tokyo, he writes a for Die Zeit, Die Presse, Der Spiegel, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Taggespiegel, Zeit Online and others. Most of his topics are connected with economics, politics or sports. He was awarded the Austrian Sports Journalism Award in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Javier Sauras (@jsauras) is a nomadic journalist and photographer who has been wandering from Asia to Latin America during the last five years. He has written about Japan, the Philippines, Spain, China, the U.K. and Bolivia. He is still on the road.

Bolivia's Everyday Water War
Bolivia's Everyday Water War

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