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Media has changed faster than ever in the last 10 years. Newspapers and books are now fighting with social media, blogs and interactive multimedia feature for the most precious resource: our time.

However, journalism principles have not changed that much: fair and balanced reporting, public interest, voice to the voiceless are still lighthouse guiding us in day by day decisions. A story that deserves to be told is always worth your effort.

So, maybe you’re not the king of media consumer that use to spend a night clicking around a webdoc. Maybe you would prefer to read a magazine whilst you are commuting to work or to school. What matters to us is that, if you are willing to know the story of Marcela, Jacinto and José fighting for their access to water, you can find it.

That’s why we have tried to adapt a transmedia approach in our work, scattering bits and snippets of Bolivia’s everyday water war like modern days Tom Thumbs on papers and on screen.

Summarising: with Bolivia’s everyday water war we have tried to adapt a Transmedia approach: according to photo-journalist and researcher Kevin Moloney, this means “One storyworld, many stories, many forms, many channels.” Ok, we do reckon that we’ve missed radio, but this was at least our aim.

Over the last months, our protagonists has been featured on German papers, Spanish Digital outlets, US and Italian magazines. This is the list of pieces and previews that have been published so far:

Nevertheless, this is just a sampling of what comes next. So we hope that these few sips have made you thirsty …

Bolivia's Everyday Water War
Bolivia's Everyday Water War

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